Uncommon PODCAST with Jordan Michaelides: How a Girl Geek found her North Star

Sarah Moran

The Uncommon podcast unearths emerging movements driven by amazing people and invests the energy to deep dive into conversations about what’s going on. It was an honour to spend time with Jordan Michaelides for this podcast and to get to go beyond the soundbite!

In this episode we covered a lot, including:

  • Grease the film, birth control
  • Minimalism in clothing
  • Sarah’s country upbringing in Lismore
  • Her interest in tech, the education system and STEM
  • Girl Geek Academy, #SheHacks
  • Event planning and marketing
  • Lessons learnt from teaching

You can listen to the full episode and Jordan’s interesting other guests here: https://www.neuralle.com/podcast

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